Products and services

Income Fund

PrimeCapitalCore Bitcoin Income and Growth Fund- A professionally risk-managed Bitcoin fund product designed to transform BTC volatility into stable yield.

Real Asset Fund

PrimeCapitalCore Whiskey 2020 Digital Fund, the world’s first tokenized whiskey barrel fund that captures value appreciation associated with the aging of Kentucky whiskey, (recession resistant)

Active VC Fund

PrimeCapitalCore Genesis is an actively-managed liquid VC fund investing in crypto-assets since 2018 (spun out of PrimeCapitalCore Partners, a $400m traditional tech VC firm)

Wealth Management

We are committed to growing wealth responsibly for our clients. As a Registered Investment Advisor (CRD #305726), we offer the ultimate solution for digital asset portfolio management, combining custody, execution, and tailored investment strategies.

Protocol Inventory Management

Tokenized Staking Fund for your Protocol