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Wealth Management for Digital Asset Investors with a Regulated Investment Manager

A complete solution for the management of digital asset investments.

PrimeCapitalCore Treasury

Prime Capital Core is an investment adviser registered with the US Securities & Exchange commission as an investment adviser. We strive to crypto investors a complete solution for the investment management of digital assets. We have taken steps designed to ensure that assets are protected, growing, and generating income.

Prime Capital Core is a leader and pioneer in digital asset investment management. We are focused exclusively on digital assets, our offering is designed to provide the ultimate all-in-one portfolio solution for corporate and individual investors, and we have taken steps to ensure that assets are secure, growing, and generating income.

Our Strategies and Services

Digital Asset Lending Program

  • Wave’s extensive network of counterparties allows us to lend digital assets at premium yields to allow clients to put idle assets to work without losing exposure to potential appreciation
  • PrimeCapitalCore works with the client to evaluate their optimal risk profile, then identifies a counterparty to provide an appropriate loan structure using collateral, term, and counterparty risks to fit the client’s needs.

Investment Advisory & Liquidity Management

  • Our unparalleled digital asset management expertise is shared with clients. PrimeCapitalCore provides risk management, investment analysis, and portfolio structure advice.
  • We also use our counterparty relationships to assist clients in acquiring and structuring digital asset loans.

Managed/Premium Asset Disposal Program

  • Secure, managed and confidential liquidations of digital assets for corporate and HNW clients
  • Managed Asset Disposal Program liquidates assets on 1-5 day timelines, with constant oversight by Wave’s trading team to ensure optimal timing and volume.
  • Premium Asset Disposal Program liquidates assets on 1-36 week timelines, using call options to sell at optimal prices while generating yield.

Derivative Strategies

  • PrimeCapitalCore leads the market in using derivatives for income and incremental growth in crypto holdings.
  • Derivative Yield Program Derivative Yield Program (commodity pool operator exempted program) is designed to convert digital asset volatility into attractive yields.

Why us

Registered Investment Advisor

Compliant fiduciary

Low Fees


Liquidity Services

Active trading management with multiple yield and liquidation strategies designed to ensure efficient transactions and manage risk.

Separately Managed Accounts

BVI business entity. Direct ownership of assets. Sophisicated and flexible investment strategies with tax-efficient structure and simple fees.

Investment Experience

Over 100 years of combined investment experience across traditional and digital assets

Best in Class Service Providers and Counterparties

PrimeCapitalCore navigates the complex landscape of digital assets with a connected, compliant, and secure suite of solutions, including qualified custodians and vetted service providers.

basic maintenance fee includes

  • Portfolio structuring, rebalancing, and maintenance;
  • Yield generation via lending and staking;
  • Monthly reporting;
  • Ongoing investment advisory consultation.

Client Case Study

Crypto Lending

For yield strategies using options, PrimeCapitalCore also charges 15% the yield generated from option sales.

For strategies using futures, PrimeCapitalCore also charges 0.10% of the notion value of the futures position.

Risk Management

PrimeCapitalCore rigorously applies our asset management expertise to risk analysis. As a Registered Investment Advisor*, we take our fiduciary duty very seriously.


Wave’s strategies undergo rigorous backtesting to understand how they will perform in a range of market conditions.


The PrimeCapitalCore trading team monitors client positions regularly throughout investment duration, keeping clients in the loop on market movements.

Credit Underwriting

Counterparties undergo a due diligence process that evaluates company financials, history, and internal risk controls.

Credit Committee

Each credit underwriting is evaluated by a committe comprised of Wave’s senior leadership. Wave’s Credit Committee represents over 70 years of asset management expertise.

Trusted Service Providers

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Other products and services

Index Fund

PrimeCapitalCore Select 5 Digital Fund provides exposure to one of the best performing asset classes of the last 5 years

Protocol Inventory Management

Tokenized staking fund for your protocol. Programmable liquidity through fully-compliant global exchanges We deal with all the administrative hurdles providing you the ease of use.

Income Fund

PrimeCapitalCore Bitcoin Income and Growth Fund- A professionally risk-managed Bitcoin fund product designed to transform BTC volatility into stable yield.

Real Asset Fund

PrimeCapitalCore Whiskey 2020 Digital Fund, the world’s first tokenized whiskey barrel fund that captures value appreciation associated with the aging of Kentucky whiskey, designed to be recession resistant

Active VC Fund

PrimeCapitalCore Genesis is an actively-managed liquid VC fund investing in crypto-assets since 2018 (spun out of PrimeCapitalCore Partners, a $400m traditional tech VC firm)

NFT Fund

Advanced treasury solutions including managed liquidations, staking, and derivatives support - all provided by our 24/7 global trading team.