Protocol Inventory Management

Tokenized Staking Fund for your Protocol

Tokenized Staking Fund for your Protocol.

Fund Benefits

Low Fees
Extra yields and liquidity
Open ended fund structure, denominated in USD
Tokenized Fund to be listed on security token exchanges globally
Yield paid out monthly in USD or reinvested back in fund
Fund holds your token as core holdings at qualified custodian, staked to generate yield by PM

Programmable Liquidity through fully-compliant global exchanges

We deal with all the administrative hurdles providing you the ease of use
Product Admin
Fiat Bank
Issuing Platform


  • Feeder Investors
    Subscribe via a Feeder Structure e.g. token hub or US LLS
  • Direct Investors
    Subscribe directly to shares in the Fund

The Fund

  • Cayman Exempted Limited Company (ELC)

Performance Fee Vehicle

  • Tax-optimized Special Purpose Vehicle that receives the Fund’s performance fee

Service Providers

  • Investment Advisor (often licensed) Decides in what ideas to invest
  • Fund Administrator Calculates NAV and takes subscriptions and redemptions
  • Custodian Holds the Fund’s assets
  • Auditors Holds the Fund’s assets

Derivatives Program

We will assume control of the treasury allotted in a managed account.
We then begin selling options to generate premium.
Finally we will source multiple quotes and sell into various counterparties to achieve adoption most effectively.

Prime Capital Core will focus on three overarching goals:

Generating premium while potentially disposing position at different strikes
Creating new and stickier ways to monetize and invest in your token
Increase the interest and ability of large institutions to trade your token through new product offerings

Create Opportunities for Innovative Treasury Management

Hypothetical case study for Token X via Option Pricing1
Spot = $5.88Call Option Premium 
(% Spot)
30 day60 day90 day180 day
Covered Call Strategy Annualized Yield
(% Spot)
30 day60 day90 day180 day
*1 The premiums shown are Wave’s estimates of what prices should be available. There may not be demand for Token X options or a continuous market for bids on such options. No communications have been done with any counterparty with regards to Token X.

Digital Asset Lending Program

Lending digital assets to generate significant yield without losing exposure to potential appreciation.

Lending terms move fairly often with the price movements in crypto markets.

PrimeCapitalCore clients can also lend directly to borrowers such as hedge funds and miners, offering higher rates but more concentrated risk.

Lending desks aggregate capital from lenders and lend it back out to borrowers such as hedge funds and miners. They offer diversified risk and lower rates.

Other altcoins can be loaned out as well, sometimes at a premium to BTC & ETH rates, but demand for these coins is volatile.
Collateral & CounterpartyOpen-term3-mo fixed6-mo fixed12-mo fixed

Hypothetical Case Study*

USD & Stablecoin can be lent out to provide considerable yields.
*The stated rates are hypothetical, and are not indicative of future performance.
Protocol Inventory Management

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Protocol Inventory Management

Tokenized staking fund for your protocol. Programmable liquidity through fully-compliant global exchanges We deal with all the administrative hurdles providing you the ease of use.

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